Reflections of the Pacific is a comprehensive yet condensed account of the Asian-Pacific War in World War II. The history in this volume covers the beginning of the War in China in 1931 until The Battle of Guadalcanal in 1943. We included unpublished interviews I’ve done over the years. The War in China, India, Burma and Indonesia is rarely covered, yet most of the Asian-Pacific War WWII was in Asia. The Allies in the Asian -Pacific War constituted the most culturally and ethnically diverse military coalition in history; the drama has often been overlooked. The story of the Pearl Harbor Attack is long and complex, beginning in the 1920s with the debate continuing until the 2000s, and the controversy continues to this day. Our book includes interesting veterans such as the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers, Japanese accounts, the last WWI Veteran and WWII POW, Frank Buckles, support airmen of the Doolittle Raid and many more. The second part of the Pacific War, including more interviews, will be in our upcoming book, My War in the Pacific.